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Our Programs


Our Programs

At Shri Ram Centennial Preschool, we are running the following four classes.

Class Required Age as on 1st April
Play Group 1.5 to 2 yrs
Nursery 2 to 3 yrs
KG-1 3 to 4 yrs
KG-2 4 to 5 yrs


AGE : 1½ years to 2 years

Method: The best way to initiate the young children of the Play Group into the world of learning is through playing. For the learning process to be fully assimilated, it is essential for the child to be an active participant – we believe that the joy a child gets from discovering and exploring on his own is unparalleled by anything a facilitator can ‘facilitate’ him. We go as per standards of Shri Ram Education Trust and keep in mind all the 7′Cs essential for overall development of a child. We focus on inquiry and theme based learning – Play Way Program …. Children love to learn through Play, developing the following skills : Motor, Personal, Social & Emotional, Language & Literacy, Knowledge & Comprehensive and Mathematical skills.


AGE : 2 years to 3 years

Method: Theme and inquiry based learning begins. Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities keep the kids excited, busy and wanting for more. Each daily schedule is developed pre-hand and integrated, so that each activity complements the others and builds layers of learning and discovery opportunities. Pre-reading, Pre-math, basics of logical thinking, discovery room and ability to reason things is worked out, block play, clay play, dough play, free play, messy play and pretend play become handy here. Various art and craft activities are introduced and greatly enjoyed by children. Exploration and understanding increases and curiosity, self-initiative and persistence are developed along.
Aim : Smooth transition to formal School


AGE : 3 years to 4 years

Method: Play-way and Montessori combined with the Inquiry based learning engages students in Kg-1. Skills are developed in this period at Shri Ram Centennial. The purpose of the program is to enhance student’s English literacy skills in listening; speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and representing through informational texts.The students enjoy many activities that are carefully chosen to support their learning needs and to develop their skills and abilities.


AGE : 4 years to 5 years

Method: Inquiry based thematic learning continues. Students are engaged in problem-solving activities, planning, designing and writing. They learn about reading, comprehension strategies, making oral presentations, and evaluating or reflecting on their work. Everyday activities include free-choice play that enhance listening, speaking skills, social skills and presentation skills. Storytelling, character building activities, songs, rhymes, arts and crafts, and fun and educational multimedia are part of daily instruction and integrated in all sessions.