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Feeling at Home

In addition to being an outstanding school, SRCS is a wonderful place to live in. An ideal home away from home, living on campus at SRCS is certainly a unique experience. For many children, coming to the hostel means living away from home for the first time. Keeping the fact in mind , SRCS has laid a lot of emphasis in creating warm , welcoming , invigorating and home – like atmosphere in our hostel with an explicit purpose of offering stimulating and enriching experiences where students can surely “ learn for life “ . The caring and empathizing staff including the Principal and teachers guide and pay special attention to the hostel students.

Our Boarding Program provides a secure caring environment where every student is a part of Shri Ram community. The dormitories in the boarding house are spacious, well-ventilated, and well-lit with natural light. Each student has a wardrobe and an under-bed cupboard to himself.

Holistic Exposure at the Boarding House

Our hostel has a comfortably furnished common Room with Tata Sky TV & ample space for socializing. Reading area is stacked with magazines & books, board games, music system etc. This is a great opportunity for the students to have intercultural & inter religious interaction.

Our boarding houses are led by the House Parents who supervise and care for our students. House parents play a key role in our boarding community. They are like family members to the children. We encourage regular communication between House Parents and students’ families. This allows the family and school to work more closely for the students’ well-being, progress & success.

Throughout the year, each boarding students participates in various co-curricular activities. Students have an array of activities to choose from like Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Football, Cricket, Shooting, Skating, Basketball, Squash, Table Tennis etc. Highly trained coaches are available to help the children develop high levels of sporting skills in the games of their choice.

Their weekends are scheduled with unlimited fun and frolic with outdoor activities like: cinema, cultural programs, campfire, adventure outing, picnics and leisure hours.

All the co-curricular activities and fun packed activities take place under the constant supervision of the wardens, coaches and concerned teachers.

The monthly outings occur every third Sunday of the month. The accompanying staff members including wardens and teachers ensure that the boarders enjoy a great deal but at the same time gather much to learn.

Accommodation for Administrative Staff, Teachers, Medical Attendant and Emergency Staff is also provided in close proximity to the children's hostel. This results in a homely atmosphere across the campus and a secure and reassuring environment for children.