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Remedial Classes

The boarders get adequate time to study and resolve the queries related to a range of subjects in remedial classes. The classes are supervised and guided by the residential teachers and not by the wardens due to which the boarders get an opportunity to clarify all the doubts and they are bound to study in a highly serious and sincere manner.

English Communication and Personality Development

The sessions for English Communication and Personality Development take place for the boarders for 4 days in a week by the special mentors. The boarders are made to communicate only in the English language during all the times.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation sessions by a trained yoga instructor take place twice a week. The school feels that it is necessary for a healthy body and sound mind enveloped with peace and sharp focus.

Internet Browsing Centre

Internet browsing facility is available to the boarders on two days in a week under the strict watch of IT in-charge. The students are allowed to access their email accounts and gather information on various topics for different activities like debate & for making their projects. The students can also contact their parents and other relatives via emails.

Medical facility

A well-equipped school infirmary with visiting doctor caters to the prophylactics treatment & routine medical check-up including emergencies, if any. We have tied-up with Shri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences to ensure the immediate care of any illness or injury. Regular medical check-ups are held to ensure a healthy body & healthy mind. A vehicle with a driver is available round the clock to drive to the hospital in case of any emergency.

Safety & Security

SRCS gives topmost priority to the safety and security of the students. Visitors are never allowed to enter the school campus without prior appointment. SRCS has engaged the service of a highly professional security team. They are in-charge of handling the complete security needs of the school. The entire school campus is under CCTV surveillance and is always guarded by security staff. All the dormitories in the hostel are under CCTV surveillance.

Wardens & Caretakers

Highly experienced and dedicated wardens and caretakers are available round the clock to supervise and assist the children.

Co-Curricular Activities



















  Lawn Tennis


  Table Tennis








  Rifle Shooting




  Art & Craft