House Activities

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For the overall development of the students, they are divided into four houses which are named after great scientists namely Darwin, Edison, Einstein and Newton. To bring out the hidden talents of the students various Intra class and Inter house activities are conducted.

a) Table Tennis Competition on 21st April, 17

Inter house Table Tennis Competition was held for level –II and Level-III.Children took interest and participated enthusiastically.

b) Chess Competition on 23rd June, 17

Inter house ChessCompetition, which is known as the game of great concentration and intellect was held for level –II .Participant from all four houses participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

c) Intra Class English & Hindi Handwriting Competition on 30th June, 17

A neat and beautiful always seeks the attention of others. To develop awareness and love for good handwriting and also to test the handwriting of the students an Interclass English Handwriting Competition was conducted. All students from classes III to X participated in the competition. They were prepared under the able guidance of their language teachers and were judged on the basis of presentation, letter formation, neatness and overall presentation. All the students participated enthusiastically .They put their best foot forward and wrote in a very neat handwriting .It was a successful event.

d) Preserving theNature ..!! (14th July,  17)

Art and craft activities have always been a favoured medium to stimulate and develop creativity within students and Poster making is one such activity.

Keeping this thought in mind and to create awareness among the students and staff to protect and keep our environment clean and serene, Inter House Slogan writing competition. “Save the nature and save your life” was organized for the students of grade III-V. The students not only wrote slogans but took out a rally in the school campus to educate and to motivate the fellow students.

Inter House Poster Making Competition was held on 14 July 17 for classes VI-X. Complete class participated in this competition. The aim of this competition was to develop creativity instinct and awareness for’ save Nature and Save life’ amongst students.

They were sensitized to the fact that each one of us should be dutiful to keep the nature beautiful. Students enjoyed the competition and gave their best.