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An Introduction to British Council's International School Award (ISA)

The world is gradually turning into a Global Village and it is quintessential to understand, adopt, appreciate and adjust with Global Culture which is a confluence of myriad cultures existing around the world. A school is a veritable learning field and we gain and gather a great deal both in active and passive manner but in a continuous manner. The learning is of different kinds, scholastic and co-scholastic and now a novel dimension has got added i.e. learning about the world which we popularly term as Global Exposure. This kind of exposure is highly important and completely unavoidable as only those are able to thrive who have its understanding and experience.

Shri Ram Centennial School is firmly determined to transform each and every student into Global Denizen of tomorrow. British Council’s International School Award (ISA) is an ambitious measure taken by school in this regard and the outcomes are phenomenal. Under this drive, the school has undertaken seven progressive projects approved by British Council. The projects are diverse in nature and bring great level of understanding to the students regarding different areas, in fact; they act as eye-opener for teachers and students alike.

The activities undertaken under each project involve a lot of interaction not only amongst each other but with the counterparts in different parts of the globe. Moreover, the activities involve great deal of hands-on practice and complete involvement of each student at all the levels. The amount of research, efforts and fun involved is inspiring and open the new gateways to everyone participating.

The school has decided to adopt and implement many such initiatives in due course of time for the development and benefit of all.

About the Project- "Traditional Clothing of India and other Countries"

Attires since the yore played a significant role in reflecting different cultures and civilizations and their ethos. The entire world is a macro pluralistic society and the diversity is unimaginable. The school got the project titled “Traditional Clothing of India and other Countries” approved by British Council’s International School Award’s (ISA) team in order to throw open the gateways of real diversity in the world through clothing. Moreover, it was an attempt to make the students realize that our own traditional clothing has different tastes, shades and form and it varies from region to region. Be it Northeastern region or West Bengal, be it Gujarat or Himachal Pradesh, be it Britain or Nepal, the pattern of clothing differs and talk a great deal about the people.

The students participated in a range of exciting activities and touched our traditions and global traditions and trends via clothing as a medium.

The related activities undertaken in this regard were:

Creative Writing and Scrap Book Making

Creative Writing Activity was conducted to enable the students to express their learning and understanding in their own words.The activity was conducted at two different levels with different themes like-"Our Clothing-The Shades of India "and " Indian Attire- Where Style Meets theTradition."  Further, the students with the help of mentors prepared an appealing Scrap Book full of expressions and their own notions that they gathered from the presentation that was shown to them and knowledge shared by the teachers.

Group Discussion

The students participated in a Group Discussion based on the theme of the project and the teachers and students gained a great and deep insight post discussion.

Libaaz- Ramp Walk Show

As part of the ISA project, a ramp show by the tiny tots of grade I was conducted to make children aware about different clothing in India and around the world. Many parents were invited to be guests of honour for the function and the ramp walk by little babies was a feast for the eyes of the audience.

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