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An Introduction to British Council's International School Award

The world is gradually turning into a Global Village and it is quintessential to understand, adopt, appreciate and adjust with Global Culture which is a confluence of myriad cultures existing around the world. A school is a veritable learning field and we gain and gather a great deal both in active and passive manner but in a continuous manner. The learning is of different kinds, scholastic and co-scholastic and now a novel dimension has got added i.e. learning about the world which we popularly term as Global Exposure. This kind of exposure is highly important and completely unavoidable as only those are able to thrive who have its understanding and experience.

Shri Ram Centennial School is firmly determined to transform each and every student into Global Denizen of tomorrow. British Council’s International School Award (ISA) is an ambitious measure taken by school in this regard and the outcomes are phenomenal. Under this drive, the school has undertaken seven progressive projects approved by British Council. The projects are diverse in nature and bring great level of understanding to the students regarding different areas, in fact; they act as eye-opener for teachers and students alike.

The activities undertaken under each project involve a lot of interaction not only amongst each other but with the counterparts in different parts of the globe. Moreover, the activities involve great deal of hands-on practice and complete involvement of each student at all the levels. The amount of research, efforts and fun involved is inspiring and open the new gateways to everyone participating.

The school has decided to adopt and implement many such initiatives in due course of time for the development and benefit of all.

About the Project- "Save Planet Earth: Protect and Plant Trees"

Though we keep hearing the rumors from different parts of the globe regarding sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) but there is no solid and sound evidence to it. However, to the best of knowledge of common beings, the Blue Planet Earth, is the only planet where life exists. The livings beings are divided into different categories namely humans, flora and fauna. However, as we have drifted away from the Nature and the natural surroundings and have started opting for all sorts of artificial means in all walks of life, the planet has stepped into danger zone and the intensity of danger is growing at a rapid pace.

With issues like pollution, overpopulation and deforestation, the planet is losing its lustre and quality of life. In order to make the students aware of this worrying global issue in sight and at hand, the school decided to take the Project, Save Planet Earth, Protect and Plant Trees and got it approved from British Council’s International School Award’s (ISA) team.

The teachers and students alike took part in a range of related activities and attempted to contribute their bit in saving this beautiful and lively Planet and with a pledge that they will continue doing so till the end.

The related activities undertaken in this regard were:

Presentation Preparation and Delivery

The students of the school prepared and delivered presentation on the theme- Best Adopted Technologies in India, the U.K. and Canada towards protection of the planet, Earth. The presentation making and delivery were a part of British Council's International School Award Project.

The students shared information about a range of technologies prevalent in these nations through series of presentations that benefitted everyone present.

Slogan Writing

The students came up with highly touching and attention grabbing slogans with the help of the mentors for the protection of our Blue Planet, Earth.

Games with a Difference

The students got involved in playing exciting games with a difference. The main objective was to inculcate the sensitivity towards the pressing issue of Saving Earth through engaging students in games oriented towards the cause. The students had great deal of fun and took vital lessons back home.

Quiz Competition

The students of the school participated in the Quiz competition based on various dimensions and aspects of Blue Planet, Earth as a part of one of the project. It was incredible to observe the knowledge base of the students and what was common amongst all the participants was their level of involvement and dedication. The final outcomes were increased level of understanding and knowledge.

Tree Plantation and Oath Taking

The Principal, teachers and students of the school celebrated "World Nature Day" with greatest level of enthusiasm and optimism. They planted saplings all around the school campus and took an oath to protect environment and keep the surroundings clean and green.

Street Play

The students of the school showcased a wonderful street play on "Trees: Our Lifeline" under the Project at C21 Mall, Indore before a huge gathering of shoppers. People were spellbound by the actions and dialogues of students who carried a strong message from the beginning till the end i.e. Save Earth by protecting and planting as many trees as possible.

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