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An Introduction to British Council's International School Award

The world is gradually turning into a Global Village and it is quintessential to understand, adopt, appreciate and adjust with Global Culture which is a confluence of myriad cultures existing around the world. A school is a veritable learning field and we gain and gather a great deal both in active and passive manner but in a continuous manner. The learning is of different kinds, scholastic and co-scholastic and now a novel dimension has got added i.e. learning about the world which we popularly term as Global Exposure. This kind of exposure is highly important and completely unavoidable as only those are able to thrive who have its understanding and experience.

Shri Ram Centennial School is firmly determined to transform each and every student into Global Denizen of tomorrow. British Council’s International School Award (ISA) is an ambitious measure taken by school in this regard and the outcomes are phenomenal. Under this drive, the school has undertaken seven progressive projects approved by British Council. The projects are diverse in nature and bring great level of understanding to the students regarding different areas, in fact; they act as eye-opener for teachers and students alike.

The activities undertaken under each project involve a lot of interaction not only amongst each other but with the counterparts in different parts of the globe. Moreover, the activities involve great deal of hands-on practice and complete involvement of each student at all the levels. The amount of research, efforts and fun involved is inspiring and open the new gateways to everyone participating.

The school has decided to adopt and implement many such initiatives in due course of time for the development and benefit of all.

About the Project- "Eat Healthy, Live Healthy"

Healthy body has a sound mind is a cliché that we are hearing since time immeasurable but it is the absolute truth. In order to imbibe the culture of eating healthy to live and breathe healthy, the school opted for this Project after getting it approved by British Council International School Award’s (ISA) team and it gained phenomenal response. The students gained a deep insight to the facts regarding healthy eating habits, what to eat and what not to eat through a range of highly engaging and exciting activities.

Further, the students learned that how by adopting right eating habits and choosing right food items can they strengthen the body immunity which is decreasing in younger generations and is a huge cause of worry.

Healthy eating leads to higher level of happiness, joy, efficiency and focus and the students experienced it and now it has become a part and parcel of their lives.

The related activities undertaken in this regard were:

Non-Flammable Cooking Competition

It is hard to imagine that any delicacy can be prepared and made delicious without using flames. But the imagination turned into reality when our young and vibrant students of Grades III-V prepared highly delicious, mouthwatering and appealing eating dishes through non-flammable method under Master Chef Competition  of the Project. Every participant from all the three classes left the judges craving for more delicacies but Ms. Manya Mishra of Grade III, Ms. Shraddha Verma of Grade IV and Ms. Aadya Sharma of Grade V bagged the first position. What exciting was not only the taste but the immaculate presentation as well. This activity brought an important aspect to the surface that delicacies can be prepared keeping the nutritional value and taste intact.

Skype Sessions with Partner School and Exchange of Goodies

It is highly exciting, engaging and enlightening to share notions with fellow mates in different countries. The Skype session of Grade III, IV and V students of the school with students of Wolcheon Elementary School, South Korea as a part of one of the project was one such experience. The students of the school felt elated to share recipe booklet, pamphlet briefing the nutritive value of different food items nd other useful information with their counterparts. This is undoubtedly a little step towards emerging as a Global Citizen at a later stage.

Who does not desire to receive gifts and when sent by pals from another part of the globe, excitement knows no bounds. Our students received a package from their counterparts at Wolcheon Elementary School, South Korea under this Project. It was a huge pack of goodies, learning material, eatables, National Flag of South Korea and traditional attire. This measure not only strengthened the virtual bond between the students of the two nations but provided a significant glimpse regarding the Korean culture to our students.

Dietician's Visit and Report Writing

Dr. Rakesh Shukla, a noted Dietician of the region took a session with the students of the school under this Project. He shared some striking facts and useful tips to maintain best health amidst all sorts of challenges and competition keeping Balanced Diet in the epicentre. Thereafter, the students undertook a task of Report Writing on the same theme and did a wonderful and meaningful job.

Recipe Booklets & Menu Card Designing competition

How often does your heart yen to learn different recipes of mouthwatering delicacies when you see them on a Menu Card. Well, our students of Grade IV prepared recipe booklets carrying ways of cooking and ingredients list regarding healthy eatables. They shared the highly creative booklets with the partner schools as a part of the Project.

Under the same Project, the students of Grade V participated most enthusiastically in the Menu Card Designing competition and they came out with notions that were novel in all respects.

Pamphlet Making and Journal Making

The delicious factor of any eatable is highly important but what matters the most is the nutritive value. The students of Grade III and V learned this aspect through Pamphlet Making and Journal Making activities covered under this exciting Project. The classes were divided into two groups where one group chose healthy food items and noted down the nutritive value and the other group selected junk food items and its corresponding nutritive value.

It was a great learning experience for the students as they learned about what all aspects to consider while choosing the food items to eat.

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